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  BS:EN Certification: Double Glazed Units

BS EN 1279 Part:2 (2002) Long Term test method and requirements for moisture penetration.
BS EN 1279 Part:3 (2002) Long Term test methods and requirements for gas leakage and for gas concentration tolerances.

Aluminium Spacer + PIB + Hot Melt [1279 Part:2] /[1279 Part:3] Argon

Super Spacer + Hot Melt [1279 Part:2] /[1279 Part:3] Argon

  BS:EN Certification: Single Toughened Glass

BS EN 12150 -1:2000 - Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass.
Toughened Glass meeting Impact Class A (BS 6206) and Class 1 (BS EN 12600).